About The Artist

2015_Marki_Dupont_GardenAnything can inspire me. The light, colours, textures, forms everywhere, as they work together and against one another, generate ideas to convey creatively in my work.

The way an idea comes to me and how one series leads to next and how the ideas and images materialise throughout the creative process is a mystery. The ideas and images guide the process. This process is interesting for me to experience which leads to the fulfilling finished product.

The inspirations come and flow through me from infinite sources and the creating happens through me not by me. By not trying to control the process the true creativity happens.

I hope my work intrigues the viewers through my unique uses of light, colour, textures and form.

I have exhibited in Virginia, North & South Carolina, California, Oregon, and Washington. I have shown in Washington, D.C., Richmond, VA, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles.  My art has been in The Virginia Museum, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Virginia, East Carolina College, Furram College. My work is in private collections across the U.S. and in Europe.